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Bisbee Police Department Operation Stongarden Slide Presentation part 1


Operation Stone Garden 

What is it??


  • Department of Homeland Security developed Operation Stone Garden with this mission in mind: 

The intent of the Operation Stonegarden (OPSG) Program is to enhance law enforcement preparedness and operational readiness along the land borders of the United States.  OPSG provides funding to designated localities to enhance cooperation and coordination between law enforcement agencies in a joint mission to secure the nation's land borders


Bisbee Police History with Stone Garden

  • The Bisbee Police Department had been involved and supporting operation Stone Garden since its inception in 2003. 
  • This support incudes, but not limited to, enforcement of State criminal and traffic laws, detecting and detaining undocumented immigrants, apprehension of illegal drug loads, highway interdiction, investigations, asset seizures and enforcement of the R.I.C.O statues. 

Agencies that participate:

  • Cochise County Sheriffs Office (grant admin)
  • Sierra Vista Police Department
  • Douglas Police Department
  • Bisbee Police Department
  • Benson Police Department
  • Wilcox Police Department
  • Huachuca City Police Department
  • Tombstone Marshall Office

Funding to date

  • Operation Stone Garden began distributing money for Officer overtime in 2003 not until 2007 did the Bisbee PD begin to receive equipment funds as well. 


  A short overview of some of the highlighted years and awarded funds:

Calendar Year

2007      FFY2006: $283,000 overtime and $24,491 in equipment Total $307,491

2008      FFY2007:  $400,000 overtime and $105,617 in equipment Total $505,617

2009      FFY2008: $134,400 in overtime and $75,000 in equipment Total $209,400

2010      FFY2009: $145,600 in overtime and $150,000 in equipment Total $295,600

2011      FFY2010: $145,600 in overtime and $47,400 in equipment Total $193,000


Equipment Purchased with Funds:

2007: One (1) VHS repeater and eighteen (18) P25 handheld radios.

2008: Two (2) Chevrolet 4x4 Trucks, six (6) radar units, two (2) portable P25 radios, one (1) mobile P25 radio, decals, vehicle weapon security systems, and labor.

2009:Video Surveillance/night vision camera, 6 mobile data computers (MDC) 

2010: Base radio system/ P25 digital 

2011: Six (6) Body armor tactical vests, six (6) ballistic helmets, four (4) Mobile Data Computers.

2012: Three (3) mobile P25 radios

2013: Two (2) Mobile P25 radios

2014: Three (3) Portable radios tri-band compatible

**AZDOHS advised that reallocated funds distributed for this grant has been awarded. This will allow us to purchase two (2) more tri-band P25 compatible portable radios***


  • The funds obtained from Operation Stone Garden and subsequent purchase of equipment has greatly reduced the amount of “out of pocket cost” to the City of Bisbee and its citizens. 
  • This necessary equipment is used in day to day functions within the Police Department, not only during Stone Garden 



PSPRS Calculations

  • 50% - 80% Pension
  • Retirement Age
  • Membership Before 1/12/12
  • 15 yrs Service & 62 yrs old or 
  • 20 yrs Service
  • Average Highest 3 Years Earnings
  • Membership After 1/12/12
  • 25 yrs Service
  • Must be 52.5 yrs old


  • Minimization Pension Liabilities
  • Administrative Policy
  • Voluntary  Staff Participation
  • 56 hours regular & overtime per week maximum (16 hours of OT per week only)
  • Monitor Retirement Eligibility Window
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